Monday, 24 February 2014

Differences between Static and Dynamic Software Testing

 What are the differences between Static and Dynamic Software Testing

The complex and time-consuming nature of software development has made it essential for organizations to implement a comprehensive software testing strategy.

Some enterprises still use conventional and manual testing methods, whereas others automate software testing to save both time, efforts and cost. However, the software testing plan of each organization must concentrate on a number of additional points to improve both efficiency and productivity. The software application verification activities can be divided into static and dynamic testing.

4. Testing Techniques: The testing techniques used for static and dynamic testing also vary. Static testing normally used certain techniques to prevent defects by verifying the process. So it uses techniques like informal and technical reviews, walkthrough, inspection and static code review. But dynamic testing uses several techniques to identify and fix defects in the application, while doing validation process. Therefore, dynamic testing uses techniques like unit testing, system testing and integration testing.

5. Coverage: Normally, static testing can be carried out before compilation. But dynamic testing can be done only after compilation and linking. Also, each type of testing will cover different aspects of the software. Static testing will provide structural and statement coverage to improve quality through reviews and comments. At the same time, dynamic testing will cover the executable file of the code to identify and fix all types of bugs.

6. ROI: Unlike dynamic testing, static testing is performed in the early stages of development. Therefore, static testing is considered to be more cost-efficient in comparison to dynamic testing. The static testing techniques are further considered to get higher return on investment (ROI) as no test automation tools are required. However, static testing requires more meeting and manual efforts in comparison to dynamic testing.

An effective software application testing strategy must include the static as well as dynamic testing methodologies to improve software quality. The static testing methods can be used to for the purpose of verification, whereas the dynamic testing methods will involve validation.

Author: Ken Miller
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