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Controlling Development and QA Costs With Test Management Software

Controlling Development and QA Costs With Test Management Software  

Effective test management is essential for optimizing the features, functionality and quality of a software application. The process further ensures that best product is developed by deploying limited resources, while implementing smart test management practices at various stages of the project.

Many organizations, nowadays, use test management software programs to make plan and manage the testing process effectively. These programs are further effective in covering a wide variety of test activities including test planning, test authoring, test execution, test tracking and test reporting. Further, an organization can use test management software to build complex applications by deploying teams deployed across different geographical locations, while controlling both development and quality assurance (QA) cost.

Using Test Management Software to Curtail Software Development and QA Cost

1. Enhanced Software Quality:- The quality and performance of the software will have a direct impact on its popularity. So each enterprise has to deploy both manpower and resources to carry out QA activities. Some of these applications also need to be tested frequently to fix all errors, bugs and flaws through additional coding and testing. The test management software enables organizations to cover all test activities. So an organization has option to reduce operational cost by reducing manpower and resources.

2. Easy to Outsource Projects:- Most companies outsource software development and QA projects to control labour cost. The test management software makes it easier for such organizations to coordinate between the members of its distributed team residing in different location. Thus, an enterprise can easily outsource the project to a region that has favourable payroll standards. Many reports have already highlighted how test management software facilitates quality assurance efforts, and brings down QA cost.

3. Option to Hire Experienced QA Engineers:- The outcome of a software testing project is often affected by the knowledge, expertise and experience of the QA engineers. It is also important for an enterprise to hire experienced QA engineers to optimize its QA efforts. But each organization, nowadays, explores option to beat competition by cutting down project cost. That is why; most organizations hesitate to hire experienced QA engineering team to control cost. The QA management software enables companies to avail the services of an offshore team of experienced testing professionals without incurring any additional expenses.

4. Reduce Software Development Cost:- A constant increase is noted in the number of organizations adopting test driven development (TDD) approach. At the same time, many companies even automate their testing efforts to avail the Agile benefits. Each organization can use real-time test management software to release a high quality and flawless product, with reduced development time. As the tools enable developers to access the current updates, they can easily implement the coding or bug reports changes at once. Further, the most current and updated version of the software can be evaluated to identify errors in the early stages of the process. As many reports have highlighted an organization can control development cost by identifying and fixing bugs earlier in the product cycle.

5. Optimize Bug Identification Efforts:- An enterprise can get higher ROI in the long run by constantly optimizing its QA efforts. Also, each organization must use test automation tools according to specific needs of a project. The right test management software will definitely optimize the organizations bug identification efforts. The software further helps enterprises to enhance both efficiency and productivity by adopting Agile project management techniques. Similar to Agile development model, the test management software also enables QA engineers to evaluate the software early and often. Further, the test cases can be reused in future production cycles to save both time and resources.

Each enterprise has option to choose from several test management software programs. But the organization must evaluate the pros and cons of each application to ensure that it is effective in bringing down the software development and QA cost. And for this you would need to hire software testing companies who have proven expertise and experience in handling projects relevant to your business domain.

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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of Test Management Software. Sometimes mistakes can be made by using the software incorrectly.

    1. I know what you mean but it comes down to the management to train their staff to use the software correctly.