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Software Testing Methodologies: Black Box, White Box, Waterfall, V-Model, Spiral Model Explained!

Software Testing Methodologies: Black Box, White Box, Waterfall, V-Model, Spiral Model Explained!


Software development includes different kinds of testing methods. Software testing is an important part of software development. Writing a piece of code is very important, but testing the code is much more important than writing it. Software testing means that testing the code using different conditions and to check the quality of output and whether the output is as expected or not. Before testing the code, the developer will prepare a set of test cases with varying conditions to check the output. Any errors, bugs or difference in result can be found out during the testing phase. It is the job of software quality assurance engineer to conduct the testing and check the results. Though you have many software testing methodologies available, the below listed are the most frequently used by the software engineers.

Black box

It is the commonly used testing method, where the testing person will not know anything about the internal application, working, design, structure and implementation of the code in detail when testing it. The testing person will not be provided any access to the main source code of the application. This kind of testing lets the tester to test the code by providing inputs to the application and getting outputs for it without knowing about how the things are working within the code.

White box

It is opposite to the black box testing method. It lets the tester to perform a detailed investigation about the application. The testing person will know completely about the internal structure, design, working and concept of the application before he starts to test the code. This kind of testing is otherwise called as open box testing, as the tester gets to know about all the aspects of the application in detail.


As the name indicates, it is a top to down testing methodology that is commonly used by the testing engineers. The software testing services of this kind of testing starts with the requirement analysis, followed by the processes like test cases analysis, test cases design implementation, testing, debugging the errors if any and end with the maintenance of the code. The tester has to complete the previous step before moving to the next step. This method is a simple testing method and a kind of non-interactive method.


This type of testing got its name as ‘V' model because the graphical representation of this testing method resembles the shape of letter V. This is similar to waterfall model, but this method includes both the ‘top to bottom' and ‘bottom to top' approach. The main benefit of this method of testing is the software engineers can perform both the development and testing works simultaneously. This kind of testing results in minimizing the time delays and maximum use of the resources.

Spiral Model

Spiral model of testing involves various cycles of testing that includes all steps of testing. First, the initial cycle of testing will be completed and then the next cycle includes complete analysis of the code and testing. If the second cycle fails to meet the standards or the desired results, then the testing person should try the next cycle and this process goes on like this.

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All the above said methods are common software testing methodologies. You have so many other software testing services too, but these are the proved and efficient ways of testing the software application. With the importance of software applications getting more day by day, the significance for testing also grows side by side.

Author: Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar
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