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Business Analysis and Quality Assurance Uncovered!

Business Analysis and Quality Assurance Uncovered!

Business Analysis and Quality Assurance have one goal in common to support overall strategic goals of Business. Business Analyst does so by making information refined and processed after information gathering and analysis. Quality Assurance takes on the mission from this point and prepares various artefact that help in Assuring Quality and conformance to requirement at every stage of the testing process. Software Testing Training has an extensive coverage for both.

These both need a crystal clear understanding of the Business Domain. At every stage the domain must be considered as Nucleus where all the activities must direct towards. Any deviation from the centrally focused domain can be the cause of rework and change requests. That consumes both time and attention. These both roles can be well juggled via Software Testing Training.

When there is a thorough understanding of domain a Quality Assurance personal can devise the best of breed test cases and a BA can prepare well-informed Domain documents. These let a BA to conform at various meetings that all requirements have been answered in terms of development and Testing. The document understanding is an important part of Software Testing Training.

When these two job roles overlap one can wear various hats as per the need of the software. One job role cannot be complete without the understanding and applicability of other job role. These two have their similarities and differences aligned in-terms of Software Testing Training course outline.

The need is to identify that when to flip the coin at what side. Software Testing Training is a complete solution for these both job roles. These both are like two faces of the same coin the win condition is that one must clearly identify and bet his/her role on right time and for right job role. The Probability of success depends upon one complementing other job role for successful project.
All these techniques can be learnt via Software Testing Training. The understanding of domain must be carried along with the application of correct testing technique as per need of project scope in-terms of effort and time. The techniques also must be chosen wisely that are important for that type of domain.

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  1. Never really knew how much a BA was similar to a TA. Thanks again.