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What is Manual Testing?

What is Manual Testing?

Manual QA Testing is carried out to identify defects in the test software pertaining to usability testing along with GUI testing area. It proves to be a highly effective form of IT testing since it detects a certain class of bugs successfully, which cannot be detected using test automation technique

Now the question arises when to use manual QA testing? Well, the answer to this question redirects us to certain instances listed below.

Let us take the case of installations and setups where loading of CD-ROMs and tapes is done by the tester. Also, it's needed in the instance of localization wherein the tester screens & decides if the translation is making some sense or not, whether it's appropriate or not etc.

Manual QA testing is also required in the case of error handling and recovery in which the tester needs to be involved in test execution thus highlighting again on the significance of manual testing. Besides the cases listed above, manual QA testing is also called for while reconfiguring systems, installing some new software, which require manual intervention. It's also much required to screen intricacies/errors associated with UI & workflows. Along with that, it's also used in documentation. However, it must not be conducted during the last phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

It's time for us to jump on to the next sub-topic—how to use manual testing? Let us take a glance at the how manual testing method is used. The process is screened and assessed across all phases of SDLC. However, the execution can go on simultaneously with the normal manual testing process. While test cases are prepared and executed, the supervisory authorities can continue using the results of that process. The testing of interface is then done between the users and application system. However, there are a large number of factors that impact the efficacy of manual QA testing such as test case completion degree and in-depth documentation done.

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