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What is Agile Software Testing?

What is Agile Software Testing?


To understand the testing process in Agile development methodology, it is important to understand the paradigm of Agile development. The Agile Development paradigm is not new. Although Agile Software Development Manifesto was launched in February 2001, the concepts existed well before this and have been expressed in different ways. Development methodology spiral is an example.
What is Agile Software Development?

 The Agile Software Development focuses mainly on an iterative development and delivery. Developers and end users to communicate closely, and the software is built. A working software is delivered in a short period of time and based on the comments more features and capabilities are added. The emphasis is on customer satisfaction by providing software quickly with minimal features and improvisation based on the feedback. The client is closely involved in software design and development process. Delivery times are short and the new code is built on the previous one. Despite this, the quality of the product can not be called.

What is the test in a scenario of Agile development?

 The test strategy and the Agile development approach could be very different from the traditional bureaucracy. In fact, it can vary with the needs of the project and the project team. In many scenarios it make sense to not have a team of test. The above statement should be understood carefully. Failure to have a testing team, we do not consider the tests to be less important. In fact, testing can be more effective in short, by people who know the system and its objectives very well.

For example, some teams of Business Analysts could make a few rounds of tests each time the software version is available. Business Analysts understand the requirements of the company and the test software to check if it meets the requirements.

Developers test the software in May. They tend to understand the system and can verify the test results in a better way. Testing for Agile Software Development requires innovative thinking and the right mix of people should be selected for the test.

Author: Prithwiraj Chakraborty
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