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What is Automated Software Testing Tools?

What is Automated Software Testing Tools?

Software testing is one of the most important phases of software development process. Though hundreds of software applications are released every year by different companies, many of them fail to reach people as they are loaded with bugs and other errors. Since most of the companies are using software to automate their business process, quality is extremely important and any error in the software can be disastrous to the company. Hence, software testing is very important to maintain quality. Usually any piece of software is first tested for its effectiveness. Testers check if the application does its task. For example, an application meant for a retail store will be tested if does all calculations correctly. If it doesn't, that can lead to loss to the company. There are many types of software testing to ensure all aspects of product quality are ensured and that theapplication is fit for mass adoption.

All software applications that we use are tested by software testing professionals with different software testing tools. These tests may include load testing, stress testing performance testing, data driven testing, web application load testing and many more. There are certain situations where the tester can't repeatedly test. For this they use automated software testing tools for automation testing. Automation testing can be very useful to test large-scale test scenarios that can't be manually tested in limited time.

Many software testing tools like Quicktest Pro are available to test standalone and web applications. These automated software testing tools can be used check different test cases as they are configurable to test all types of software. If you are building a standaloneapplication, you need a testing tool to automate the testing. If you are into web application, you need a different application. But some of the software testing tools allow you to test both types of applications.

If you develop a web or ajax development, you will a web testing software for web application load testing and application performance management. When getting an automated tool to test, check if your application can be configured so that it can be used test all types of software. Application performance management is crucial for any application to ensure optimal quality. To ensure that, testing professionals do load testing, performance testing etc.

Automated software testing tools are efficient and economical. They save lots of time and effort. These tools save hundreds and even thousands of human hours and even provide the best value for the money.

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