Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Top 6 Software Testing Methods

Top 6 Software Testing Methods

WhiteBox testing:

This kind of testing checks the developed structure and the continuous flow of the software. Each code and is checked in the testing helping generate strong and efficient software.      

BlackBox testing:

This testing main intention is to specifically check the Software functionality, this processing ignores the software programming structure.

Performance testing:

This testing does the part of checking the load time and usability in terms of performance of the software.

Unit testing:

 this kind of testing is performed by programmers who keep themselves updated with the latest technology. They check the internal codes and the design structure of the specific software.

Automated Testing:

This kind of testing is performed by QA testers. Latest tools and techniques are implemented under controlled condition. QA Services strategies plans for individual deleted bug software and define a goal on how to be enable to deliver you risk free product.

Acceptability Testing:

This is the final test that ensures each product has gone through the detailed testing platform and matches the results asked by the Client.

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