Sunday, 4 November 2012

What are the benefits of Test management tools?

What are the benefits of Test management tools?

The characteristics of test management tools include:

Support for the management of tests and the testing activities carried out.
  • Interfaces to test execution tools, defect tracking tools and requirement management tools.
  • Independent version control or interface with an external configuration management tool.
  • Support for traceability of tests, test results and incidents to source documents, such as requirement specifications.
  • Logging of test results and generation of progress reports. Quantitative analysis (metrics) related to the tests (e.g. tests run and tests passed) and the test object (e.g. incidents raised), in order to give information about the test object, and to control and improve the test process.


  1. Which test management tools do you recommend?

  2. It depends on the size of the project and financial constraints. Big projects ive worked on used HP Quality Centre.

    1. I worked at Capita and our clients used HP Quality Centre