Friday, 2 November 2012

What is Regression Testing?

What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing is retesting sub-systems/modules/units to insure that modifications to one sub-system/module/unit does not cause unexpected results in another area. This is also known as ripple effect testing. It is said there is up to 50% chance that changing code can have a serious negative effect on another area.

The benefits of Regression Testing are:

  • Find newly developed faults in unrelated area of code caused by modification.
  • The earlier faults detected the cheaper it is to fix.
  •  Installs discipline within the Test Engineers to be thorough


  1. I'm still a little confused. What is the difference between regression testing and re-testing?

    1. Retesting is exactly that. A general reiteration of the testing procedure. Whereas regression testing looks at defects in other areas caused by recent code modification, patch or update.

    2. Thanks it came up in my istqb exam and nailed it!