Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What is a successful software testing review?

What is a successful software testing  review?

In software Testing a sucessful review consists of:

  • Each review has a clear predefined objective.
  • The right people for the review objectives are involved.
  • Defects found are welcomed, and expressed objectively.
  • People issues and psychological aspects are dealt with (e.g. making it a positive experience
  • for the author).
  • Review techniques are applied that are suitable to the type and level of software work
  • products and reviewers.
  • Checklists or roles are used if appropriate to increase effectiveness of defect identification
  • Training is given in review techniques, especially the more formal techniques, such as
  • inspection.
  • Management supports a good review process (e.g. by incorporating adequate time for review
  • activities in project schedules).
  • There is an emphasis on learning and process improvement.

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