Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What is the objective of Static Testing

What is the objective of Static Testing? 

 The main objective of static testing is:
  • The objective of static analysis is to find defects in software source code and software models.
  • Static analysis is performed without actually executing the software being examined by the tool; dynamic testing does execute the software code.
  • Static analysis can locate defects that are hard to find infesting.
  • As with reviews, static analysis finds defects rather than failures.
  • Static analysis tools analyze program code (e.g. control flow and data flow), as well as generated output such as HTML and XML.




  1. Hello. If I read through documentation for mistakes is that static testing?

    1. Yes. all documentation can be reviewed, this is static testing.

  2. Nice explain objective of Static Testing. Statics code review is very important to secure code.